Cape Agulhas is a rocky headland in the western Cape, of South Africa, it is reffered to as the southernmost point of Africa.The sharp winds and raw energy of the environment will make you feel like you are truly standing on the edge of the earth.Many explores  love this place because it is associated with many mysteries  such as the legendary “Cape of Storms” which destroyed many ships that were going to the East via Cape Alguhas.There is still one decaying ship that stands defiant to the merciless ocean, standing like a solemn monument to the sailors that lost their lives.                                                                                                There are a lot of activities that you can do such as Whale watching, Whales are so active from July to December One of the reasons the whales are so active and ready for play is because they were feeding in the Antarctic for six months and are now enjoying a vacation.Cape Agulhas has the long natural beaches in Southern Africa.You can enjoy the beach when there are few people and only the sound of the water to accompany each footstep ,or in the summer season when holidaymakers set out picnics, build sandcastles, play games and swim to their hearts delight.A great vacation in Cape Agulhas wont be complete if you do not endulge yourself in a delicious sea food plater.The food includes freshslide2ly made prawns and oysters and a whole lot more.