whale watching towns in Capetown are Hermanus and Gansbaai  these two towns has the best Whale watching spots,where you can watch whales few metres from the shore  of Hermanus and De kelders.These Gentle Giants visits each  winter from the Antarctia,the population of whales increase each year,Southern Right whales are mostly spotted close to the rocky shores as other species such as humbback and bryde which i find very shy compare to South Right whales.

Each Day in Hermanus The whale crier walks pass the cliff blowing his horn to indicate the where abouts of the Southern Right,In De kelders the whales can be easly be spotted by  their visible blows and sounds.Humback are also sighted but not too close to the shore during the whale season and they only visits the bay occasionally.

Humpback are easy to distinguish mainly  beacause they are  faster swimmer ,they can be identified by their hummped back and dorsal fin when surfacing.The Hump back is a baleen whale and its blow is usuall seen as tall,the head of the humpback is pointed than the Southern Right whales with black tubercles.

The whales are sometimes observed standing vertically in the water with the heads protruding above the water,sailing standing on its head in the water with the tail above the water,flipper slapping can be heard few meters from the shore.
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